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  SAP Global PKI CRL Distribution Points / CRLs:

     SAP Global Root CA
     SAP Global Sub CA 02
     SAP Global Sub CA 04
     SAP Global Sub CA 05
     SAP SSO CA G2
     SAP Cloud Root CA

  SAP Global PKI OCSP Responder

   SAP Global Sub CA's OCSP Responder Base URL

  SAP Global PKI Certificates Policies / Issuer Satements:

   SAP Global PKI Certificate Policy - English - Version 1.1 Published 09.12.2016
   SAP Cloud Root CA Certificate Policy - English - Version 1.0 Published 18.06.2020
   SAP Global PKI Certificate Policy - Deutsch - Version 1.1 Published 09.12.2016
   SAP Global PKI Certification Practice Statement Version 1.3 Published xx.xx.2012

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